About Matt

" I have never been 'normal' and i don't plan on ever being ! - In fact if I ever show signs of becoming normal give me a good hard slap and bring me back to reality "

Fact is that you are my best advertisment!  
It's in my selfish interest for you to be a massive success 

What would you do right now if you knew you couldnt fail?

You are amazing 

Welcome to the new you

You are a one-off never to be repeated.. 

A masterpiece

A priceless piece of amazing art 

You are beautiful, creative, inspirational. 

You are YOU!

And right now I give you permission to start actually being you ! 

Are you ready to stop the daily grind and start living with passion? 

I am Matt Barnett 

Nice to meet you, I am Matt . I am a Certified Coach  & Trainer of NLP. 
I am a single dad to two amazing children (girls)  and two incredible adults (also girls !) .  

I am an entreprenuer and coach and have worked with countless businesses and individuals through my one on one coaching.

I am an internationally recognised  best-selling course creator and coach, and author and  a musician. 

I am all about living life on YOUR terms, and I am dedicated to helping as many people as I possibly can become Free of the constraints of Time and money.  Start living life on THEIR terms and attract an abundance of wealth, health and happiness in the process.

Shall we play? 

Hey there.
I'm Matt Barnett.

Since the 90's I have been working with people to help them to escape the ties of employment.

I believe there is no better pursuit than that of personal time and financial independence

Over the years I have looked at just about every idea out there. And I have helped countless people quit the 9-5, live with purpose and follow their dreams. I would love to see you do the same. 

Work with me 

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When you work with Matt one on one you are working with a coach with a difference. You will be challenged to be the best you can be, break through procrastination, find an unlimited wealth of energy and achieve your goals with ease.
** Note:  This is an application only  V.I.P service with an investment that reflectas the individual attention you will recieve **