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"An Awesome Coach"

"I have known and trained with Matt for over  a decade and I can say from the heart that he is an awesome coach. His insight and knowledge is second to none and his energy is infectious. You will never go wrong with Matt as your coach."

Lenka Lutonska - Coach & Author of Energetic Selling and Marketing

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The fact is that success in any endeavor begins between your ears. I have been  helping clients since the 90's to start their own business and take control of their lives. I would love to help you to as well.

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Hey there.
I'm Matt Barnett.

Since the 90's I have been working with people to help them to escape the ties of employment.

I believe there is no better pursuit than that of personal time and financial independence

Over the years I have looked at just about every idea out there. And I have helped countless people quit the 9-5, live with purpose and follow their dreams. I would love to see you do the same. 

Here is what I do:

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